Dr. Sandi Webster has over 35 years of business experience that includes working in multinational corporations as well as co-founding, scaling and selling an award-winning management consulting company with her business partner, Peggy McHale.  Her clients included top global public companies in financial services, telecom, insurance, retail and several other industries.

As the co-owner of Pandi, Sandi acts as the chief learning officer to create and update Pandi's curriculum of workshops and seminars. She is now focused on leading Pandi in sharing the knowledge accumulated from her and Peggy’s experiences with entrepreneurs.

Previous to Pandi, Sandi was a Managing Director at C2G Partners, the company she sold. During that time, she oversaw the smooth transition of Human Resources, Recruiting, Billing & Compliance and Marketing. She provided both hands-on and strategic direction to cultivate marketing and HR strategies and tactics as well as ran the implementation of new HR software. Sandi inspired excellence and championed the growth and development of the HR and Recruiting teams. In her marketing role, she built and optimized marketing initiatives that integrated the C2G website, press, all marketing collateral, awards, blogs and social media to drive new business to C2G.

In her corporate life as a former Director of Marketing at American Express, Sandi created winning segmentation strategies for several new products and developed targeted segmentation and complex analyses for existing products that allowed creative repositioning in untapped markets. Other positions included Saks Fifth Avenue where she worked in Customer Development that determined the location for new stores. Sandi helped to pioneer several new programs for the Board of Education for the City of New York and pursued funding for these efforts through development work with the federal government.

As a regular speaker to women and young ladies, Sandi fulfills her passion of ensuring that women are fully prepared for business by sharing pertinent, relevant information through mentoring. She is an avid mentor -- for business owners through the NAWBO-NYC Mentoring Program and for students through People’s Prep and LINKS Charter Schools in Newark, NJ. She is a former board member and current member of NAWBO-NYC, NAFE, Past Board President of the Brooklyn Executive Business Women’s Association (BEBWA), member of Women’s President Organization.

Sandi holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Temple University and an MBA in Management from Dowling College. She volunteers with The Carter Burden Center for the Aged and managed a non-profit organization that provided scholarships and food programs for underprivileged children in Jamaica, West Indies. She is also the Area 42 Director in District 46 of Toastmasters, Inc. Sandi lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

Awards and Honors

Money Magazine cover.  The first women to be featured on the cover of Money Magazine.

These awards reflect the personal accomplishment that accompanied successfully creating and building a business.

  •  Outstanding Woman Entrepreneurship Award 2016 by National Minority Business Council
  • Inner City Initiative Competition Award 2015 & 2016
  • Enterprising Women of the Year Award for 2012 by Enterprising Women magazine
  • International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) Award 2011
  • NJ Biz:  2011 Best 50 Women in Business
  • Top 100 Women Owned Small Businesses in New Jersey 2008 by magazine
  • National Association of Women Business Owner’s (NYC) Promise Award in 2007
  • Woman of Color Achievement Award 2011 by 100 Black Men

Features and Videos


 Sandi appeared on TV, in talk shows and on podcasts: 


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July 9, 2017 

Having a guilt-free working vacation is something I wanted to master.  I read all the articles on how to have a work-free vacation.  But I’m one of the people who is closest to where the buck stops, so it is extremely difficult to have a work-free vacation without needing a vacation when I return to see the piles that are waiting for me – emails, contracts, bills… 


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September 25, 2016 

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 November 22, 2015 

I read a James Kerr article about the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, which is denoted as the most successful and consistent sports team in the world in history.  “Who are these people?” I asked, wondering why that title didn’t go to an American team.


The Aging Generation’s Impact on “Sandwich” Business Owners


November 16, 2014 

 As a business owner who is a part of The Sandwich Generation – the generation that is taking care of both their parents and children – when an illness happens, the impact on our businesses can be tripled (us/a spouse, a child or a parent).